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Refrigeration, Manchester & Cheshire

We keep you cool when the heat is on

As well as air conditioning, we provide refrigeration services throughout Manchester, Cheshire and the surrounding areas. One of the most popular refrigerated counters available is shown in the slideshow on the left. Its wide deck and high glass display make it suitable for many food outlets and delicatessens.

In addition to refrigeration counters, we can adapt rooms for your requirements. We offer special sizes, strip curtains, doors hinged either side, multiple compartments, special floor surfaces and more.

Cold & Freezer Rooms

We are able to supply, design and install cold rooms and freezer rooms for everyday heavy duty use.

We are able to create a cold room for your needs, no matter what your requirements may be, we can create a practical and highly effective solution.

Cold rooms are ideal for many reasons as they are easy to control, can be assembled to make the most of the floor space and have a wide door which allows easy access.


We can tailor contracts to suit your circumstances, with 12 monthly contracts available. The contracts are fully comprehensive, labour free contracts, giving you the piece of mind of a quality support service, at a realistic and competitive price.

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